08 July, 2014

Ultra Surf Free download

                           Ultra surf is a freeware software .This product created by ultrareach internet corrporation.The software enables its users to bypass internet censorship and firewall using HTTP proxy server and encroption protocals for privacy.
This software is devoloped by chinese diddidents as a mea of allowing internet users to bypass the greate firewall of china.It currently bostes as many as 11 millions users worldwide.
software is free to download & require no installation.ultrasurf dose not install any file to user computer,& leaves no registry edits after exist.
to fully remove the software from the user computer.The user need only delete the exe file named u.exe.It is only avialable on windows plateform & run through by internet explorer by default,with n optional plugin for firefox.Tis is a proxy software.This software is used to open blocked sites  in pakistan like youtube, facebook etc.Many other proxy software used to open blocked sites in pakistan like
  1. Spotflux
  2. Hotspot shield
Installation guide:

  • frist download the program.
  • then Open or extract the files. 
  • Then open u.exe file. 
  • after 2 or 3 second the program will be run.
  • after connecting you will use youtube..
  • No installation required

        File Name   
                                               Ultra Surf                         
            Size                                                    1.84 MB
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