13 July, 2014

Hotspot shield 3.42 free download

                             Hotspot Shield is a vpn software that is use to unblock your favorite sites like facebook,youtube,twitter an adult sites. Hotspot shield  is a appliction software devoleped by anchorfree,inc.That allow the users to surf the internet privately by creating a virual private network.So the user can gain secure access to all internet content.Whaile staying in control over their parsonal privacy.The program is also used for cloud malware protection especially by travllers & expats that want to save data or access their home content whaile roaming abroad.It is used by business travelers & students To protect their online activites in wifi hotspot.Hotspot shield was used to bypass to Goverment censorship during arab spring protest in egypt,tunsia,and libya an was featured on  the new york times,the wall street journal,and CNN.
Hotspot shield uses VPN tecnology to encyrpt data send through a network.the software incresaes privacy and security while browsing through a proxy connection to anchorfree's free severs.
located around the world to let users access web site might blocked locally regionally this allow users  to bypass internet censorship,and offers access all internet content and protection for mobile users.
In 2013 hotspot shield was awarded the appy award 4 best online secuirty/privacy application as well softonic's2013 best apps of mobile world congress.
anchorfree was also named among the most important security.

        File Name   
                                       Hotspot shield 3.42                
            Size                                                    7.67 MB
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